English meaning: to call, cry
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “rufen, schreien”
    Material: 1. Welsh galw “call, shout, cry, subpoena, send an invitation to court, summon”, M.Bret. galu “call, appeal; claim, summons; plea” (*gal-u̯o-), M.Ir. gall “fame, glory, honor “ (*gal-no-s; covered only doubtfully), probably also gall ‘swan”; O.C.S. glagolją, glagolati (*gal-gal-) ‘speak”, glagolъ “word”, Russ. gologólitь “chatter, joke, jest, tell a funny tale “; perhaps O.Ind. gargara-ḥ “ a certain music instrument “ (= O.C.S. glagolъ, if with r from IE l, Meillet É t . 229; or to *ger- or *gʷer-, what in alignment these onomatopoeic words are not closed, compare from still from one more such O.Ind. gharghara- “ rattling, clashing, gargling, gurgling; m. din, fuss, noise”). 2. gal-so- in: Osset. ɣalas “ φωνή “, O.C.S. glasъ, Russ. gólosъ “voice”, Lith. galsas “echo “, O.N. kall n. “ the calls “, whereof kalla “call, shout, cry, sing”, O.E. callian (Eng. call) ds., O.H.G. kallōn “ speak, babble, chatter a lot and loudly “, with -ll- from -lz-, next to which -ls- in O.N. kalls n. “provocation, incitation, irritation”. from Lat. gallus “rooster, cock” (only afterwards supported in the Gaul’s name) vorderO.S. Lw., also as Gk. κάλλαιον “ a cock’s comb “? Maybe Alb. gjel “rooster, cock” In addition perhaps as extensions, but rather independent onomatopoeic words: 3. glag-: Gk. γλάζω “ lets a song resound “ (*γλαγι̯ω); O.N. klaka “chirp, twitter”, O.E. clacu f. “insult”, further plural with function in “resounding, roaring, banging blow” M.H.G. klac “applause, clapping of the hands, slam, bang, strike, noise, crack”, klecken “ meet, break, crack with a bang “, Eng. clack “clatter, rattle, clash, chat, prate”, O.N. klakk-sürr “ injurious, malign, pernicious “, and m. d. meaning “ make move, put into motion slapping, tattling, splotch, stain; smear “ M.H.G. klac also “ splash, splotch, stain, blob, spot, blot “, M.L.G. klacken “ make blot, splash, splotch, stain “ (Ger. klecksen, Klecks = N.Ger. klakks), O.N. klakkr “ blot, splash, splotch, stain, clump, cloudlet, cloudling, small cloud “; 4. gal-gh-, g(a)lagh- “ lament, wail, scold, chide”: O.Ind. garhati, -te, ved. 3. pl. gr̥hatē “ complains, reproves, rebukes “, garhü “reprimand”, gr̥hú- “ beggar, mendicant “, Av. gǝrǝzaiti “ complains, cries, wails “, Osset. ɣärzun “groan, moan”, Av. grǝza, Pers. gila “ lament”; O.H.G. klaga “ lament”, klagōn “ wail “; Maybe Alb.Gheg (*klagōn) klanj, Tosc qanj “ wail “ M.Ir. glüm “clamor, curse, swear word, evil proclamation “ (*glagh-smü); 5. nasalized glengh- : O.H.G. klingan “ring, sound, clink” (without close connection to Lat. clangor, Gk. κλαγγή ‘sound”), next to which with Gmc. “thin, fine; delicate; weak, feeble” O.H.G. klinkan ds., Eng. clink, Swe. klinka “ clink “. In Gmc. furthermore *kalt-, *klat-, *klap-, e.g. M.H.G. kalzen, kelzen “ babble, chatter”; O.Fris. kaltia ‘speak”; O.E. clatrian “clatter, rattle, clash”, Ger. Klatz ‘smirch, stain, splotch, smear “, bekletzen; O.N. klapp n. ‘sound of a kiss; sound of a lash; gossip, rumors, blow, knock”, O.H.G. klapf m. “gossip, slam, bang, strike, blow, knock, shove “.
    References: WP. I 538 f., WH. I 580 f., Trautmann 77.
    See also: compare the similar to onomatopoeic words ghel-, kel-.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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